Fitness classes

Our various fitness classes and activities. Our fitness sessions are inspired by the four elements! All classes conclude with a period of relaxation to ensure balance and wellbeing.

Hot Creek Yoga
For anyone who likes a physical yoga class with an emphasis on strength and flexibility.
A certain familiarity with yoga is recommended and you must like heat.

Hot Creek Yoga Soft
A softer variant of Hot Creek Yoga. Less heat and more focus on relaxation.

Yin/Yang Yoga Block
Yoga both in a flow and that we stay for a long time in some movements. For those who do not want to move you up and down so much. A little calmer.

Yoga Energy
This class focuses on strength, breathing and energy.

Yoga Flow
Simple, gentle movements that flow and energise the whole body.

Yoga Grace
Smooth yoga movements where we use the wall to support calm and gentle exercise.

Yoga mind/ Yinyoga
This form of yoga and meditation where you hold poses for longer helps you to find calm. It is a mental and restful form of yoga that promotes mobility.

A combination of core workout and yoga. A strong back and core improves posture and body awareness.

Slow and relaxing movements, gentle stretching, and breathing and concentration exercises. The body’s acupuncture system is activated, strengthening and increasing physical and mental ability.

Find inner calm with the help of simple meditation exercises. Practise being present and living in the moment. Breathe.

Various breathing exercises that focus solely on your breathing. Gentle and relaxed movements that are in harmony with your breathing.

This is a class where you can challenge yourself. Various strength exercises using a variety of gym equipment. The content of the class may vary from session to session. Work up a sweat and surprise yourself.

World wide moves
An energetic and fun dance class featuring simple basic exercises. With rhythms and inspiration from countries including Africa and Brazil. Let loose and have fun.

Pilates Matwork/Ball
With the help of an exercise ball, you learn to find the centre of your body. Strength exercises are combined with balance exercises in a gentle flow of movement. Focus on stomach and back. Suitable for all.

A nice way to start the day. A combination of soft stretch exercises and uplifting movements that trigger energy flow, blood circulation and breathing. A perfect fit for those who want to go straight to work with new energy.

Stretch & Balance
A quiet pass with balance, agility and mobility. Easy gentle movements that follow your breath. Ends with a long lovely relaxation.