The Creek Experience

A full-body treatment combines a whole host of experiences for every sense. In our tropical setting, the four elements – earth, water, air and fire – provide the basis for experiences inspired by spa rituals from around the globe.

Excerpt from the experience: “As soon as you enter, you are met by dazzling green walls covered in plants enclosed in a moist, warm mist, and a waterfall cascading gently down a sloping stone wall. Once the warmth has enveloped your body, it’s the turn of your feet. Dip them in the golden mosaic bowls, and soothe them with salt from the Dead Sea.

In our dark lagoon, covered with a curtain of mist, you can step slowly into the warm water and let it engulf your body. The lianas hang from the walls, and you could easily imagine yourself among wonderful Amazonian lagoons. Torches provide a warm glow, so you know you’re not all alone in the jungle.

You will find our Turkish bath, Hamam, in the sauna area. Your body is soaped down, scrubbed and rinsed clean here. You have your treatment on blissfully warm slabs. The dense steam engenders a feeling of deep peace in both heart and soul. The Rasul cleansing ritual is also available here, in which your body is covered with Moroccan clay. The steam maximises your body’s ability to absorb the minerals in the clay.

A hot shower rinses off the clay, and you feel refreshed deep into your pores. Then, into the air shower, where hot air dries your body, leaving you strong and ready to face new adventures.”

The Creek Experience lasts for about 2 hours. You will be looked after by a host/hostess during the entire experience. Price per person SEK 695.

For more details, or to book, please contact us:
Telephone: +46 411-136 33

We look forward to meeting you here by the sea