Lido Club & Spa

Lido Club & Spa


Lido Club & Spa is the place to be – our dreamy Pool Club and heart of Ystad Salstjöbad. Perfect warm pools indoors and outdoors, sweet beats, refreshing cocktails and sunshine even when the clouds are out. Dip your toes in the bubbly Champagne pool, feel the heat in our sauna with an ocean view, lie down on a lounge bed in our Seaview Relax with a chilled glass of bubbly and rest your eyes on the endless ocean. Nothing beats the feeling of total relaxation and complete calmness.

The Creek Experience

Let’s go on aN adventure

Our spa experience Creek Experience is the icing on the cake when visiting Lido Club & Spa! Two hours of total relaxation and feel good rituals in an environment inspired by the rainforest. Like a trip around the world, at home.