Lido Club & SPA


Treatments for face, body & soul

Facial treatments

Including eyebrow shaping

EXPERT CARE | 50 min | 795kr
A classic, custom made and super active facial – adapted for your needs. Deep rinsing treatment with pore cleansing and face mask. *

ACTIVE PEEL | 25 min | 445kr | 50 min | 795kr
A chemical peel with AHA/PHA. The treatment is executed with Bioline Primaluces active care with results on impurities, acne, fine lines and pigment changes. The skin gets a whole new luster. This treatment also includes facial massage and mask. *

RECOVER TOUCH | 25 min | 445kr | 50 min | 795kr
A pleasant facial combined with a gentle massage. The facial is packed with moisture, vitamins and antioxidants – a nourished boost for your skin! This treatment includes cleansing, peeling, a soft face and scalp massage (25min) plus a back and neck massage (50min). *

GLORIOUS SKIN LIFTING | 80 min | 1295kr
Our most luxurious anti age facial treatment that provides nourishment, luster and elasticity. The effective result is achieved by a double peeling in combination with vitamin C and a peel-off mask. This treatment also includes plucking of eyebrows and hand massage.*

* All facial treatments include cleansing, peeling and a soft facial and scalp massage. We tailor both treatment and products to your needs. (not in Active Peel).

Body treatment

TRANQUILLITY RITUAL | 80 min | 1295kr
Our signature treatment which we absolutely adore! A full body experience – to treat all of you. This is a unique body and facial remedy with wonderful scents for a deeply relaxed sensation. A treatment that includes body peel and moisture wrap with a fragrant tranquility oil. While being wrapped up in moisture you get a gentle facial massage and face mask. The treatment then finishes with a soft and beneficial full body relaxation massage.
If pregnant, we use our organic Sacred Nature series.

AROMASOUL SCRUB | 50 min | 795kr | 80 min | 1295kr
An uplifting body peel to leave your skin with a fabulous glow. Choose your favorite etheric oil amongst our selection to be used in the scrub and concluding massage. The massage will vary in length depending on 50/80 min of treatment. We adapt the products if you are pregnant.

A relaxing massage with warm oil. Soft, relaxing grips are used here. This is for you who really need a moment of relaxation to unwind.
BACK, NECK, SHOULDERS & BACK LEG | 25 min | 445kr
FULL BODY | 45 min | 795kr

HOTSTONE CARE | 45 MIN | 795kr
Relaxing full body massage with hot lava rocks that drains and soften.


We custom the massage for you! A tangible and beneficial massage that alternates between soft and hard grips. We focus more closely on specific problem areas and sore points.
BACK, NECK & SHOULDERS | 25 min | 525 kr
FULL BODY | 45 min | 875kr

An in-depth massage where we combine firm grips with warm lava stones. All focus is placed on the back of your body.

BAMBU MASSAGE | 50 min | 885kr
An in-depth treatment for both muscles and connective tissue. Bamboo sticks are used to massage and stretch your body in the best way. Due to the round shape of the bamboo sticks, this massage has a firming and shaping effect on the body. Suitable for you who prefer a little rougher massage.