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Overnight guest – Use the form below to book. Please also submit your hotel booking confirmation number, name of the person that booked and your name as well as phone number.

Day guest – Treatments that are booked by our day guests shall be done in advance, preferably 4 weeks, as we have a large number of requests. Treatments can on some occasions be booked on the premises.

Show up in time for your treatments. Unfortunately we cannot prolong your treatment time, which means that the treatment will be done in the time that is left, if you are delayed. You register and pay in the spa reception 15 minutes before the treatment starts. If you’re staying overnight at the hotel, we can put the check on your room, so that you pay at checkout. If you are pregnant, have a disease or if you’re on any medication, please inform us of this when booking. This way we can give you the correct help and recommendations before arrival. During the treatment we recommend that you wear underwear or dry swimwear.

In certain circumstances, treatments are not recommended. Please inform us if you are pregnant, we provide treatments only between pregnancy weeks  13- 36, if you have an allergy, inflammation, physical difficulties, if you’re on specific medications or suffer from any diseases. We have the right to refuse a treatment if you have a cold, virus infection, fever, problem with thyroid problems or burnt skin. We have a 16 year old age limit at Lido Club & Spa, to ensure the best possible experience for you.

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